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Parish Office

The (virtual) Parish Office is open Monday through Thursday from 09:00 to 1:00pm.

07458 300614


Jon Randall

01480 day Tuesday)

Associate Vicar (Part Time)

Mike Booker

07766 days Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Children and Families Missioner

Jane Brooks

07458 day Friday & Saturday)

Youth Missioner

Ruth Hunt

07458 day Saturday & Sunday)

(Lay) Pioneer Minister 

Ingrid Randall

07928 day Tuesday)

Associate Minister & Minister working with the Deaf Community 

Jan Smith

07593 633 day Saturday)
Parish Administrator

Monika Stoian

07458 300614

(working hours Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm) 

Operations Manager

Tim Brooks

07458 day Friday & Saturday)