Baptism is a moment of great joy and significance in life.

For some it’s as a baby or young child; for others it’s when we come to faith as an adult. For those around them, it’s about the declaration of promises and a welcoming into God’s family. Jesus was baptised and told his followers to go out into the world, to preach the gospel and to baptise others. Baptism (or Christening) remains the way that people join the church today.

Step-by-step guide

The families of the person being baptised are asked to make promises before God, and because of this we run a baptism preparation course. Parents are required to attend and other family members, such as Godparents are also invited. It normally takes place during one evening and gives everyone the opportunity to ask any questions they might have, or for any explanation about the promises being made.


If you are interested in arranging a baptism and wish to talk to someone about it, please contact our church office by email at